General İnformation

The Department of History, which was established in 1982 with the establishment of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, has more than 30 faculty members as of 2017. Department of Ancient History, Medieval History, New Age History, Modern History, General Turkish History, Republican History and Caucasus History Departments are available in our department. In addition to teaching in their fields of expertise, faculty members in these departments make national and international publications, participate in congresses and symposiums, conduct surface surveys and archaeological excavations.

In addition to theoretical lecture, some courses are supported by slide, archive document, maps and new publications. Ottoman written language is taught to students in small groups in a level that can understand both printed and archival documents.

Founding Head of Department Dr. The monthly conferences initiated by Mücteba İlgürel are organized and addressed to a wider audience. In these conferences, new documents and evaluations on a subject related to history are presented and their results are discussed. The department also organizes large-scale scientific meetings such as panels and symposia.

The Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Institute of Turkic Studies, which work in coordination with this institution, offer Master and PhD programs in the departments of our department.

Our graduates have the opportunity to do Master's and Doctorate in a branch they are interested in, to be a teacher by participating in a non-thesis master's program, to work in private courses, archives and other institutions.


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