History and Program Overview



Founded at the same time with the Faculty of Arts&Sciences at 1982, Department of History has 40 members as at 2007. In our department there are fields of Ancient History, Medieval History, Early Modern History, Modern History, General Turkish History and History of Republic . Academics who are employed at these fields, besides lecturing in their professions, publish national and international publications, participate to conferences and symposiums, conduct surveys and archeological excavations.

Aside from lecturing, some courses of our department are supported with supplementary materials such as DIA encyclopedia, archival documents,maps and new publications. Ottoman script and paleography is taught to the students that are assembled into small groups.

Monthly conferences which were initiated by our founding department chair Mücteba İlgürel, are continued in a more popular way. In these conferences new documents and remarks about a historical topic are supplied and their results are argued. Our department also organizes crowded scientific gatherings in the form of panel and symposium.

M.A. and PhD. Programmes are conducted in our fields appertainingly to the Intitute of Türkiyat Araştırmaları that works coordinatedly with Institute of Social Sciences. Our graduates have the capability to continue their graduate education at a field that they are interested in, to participate in non-thesis master's degree to be a teacher and to work at crammers, archives and other institutions.



Prof. Dr. Ahmet KANLIDERE

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